This year began with Aotearoa (New Zealand) immersed in a spooky, day-long twilight. This was because the smoke from the vast forest fires in Australia over a thousand miles away had reduced The Sun to a dim, orange orb in our murky yellow skies.
Already the implosion of the decade-long US Fracking folly in 2019 had ensured major, if not catastrophic, social disruption in 2020 on a global scale.
This all humbled me such that my spirit transcended my adult arrogance and reminded me in the precious, sustaining inquiry and wisdom of our 5 year-old children.
This took the form of finally recording in four chapters the story of how in 2011 the children of Mahoe classroom saved Dave The Cleaner when he dreamed he turned into a liquid. In so doing, they demonstrated they well understood the great principles of thermodynamics required for sustaining air care, which many of us adults have rejected at our peril.

Their spirit of inquiry and wisdom sustained me throughout our month of Civics Level 4 (known as LOCK-DOWN to militaristic people). The result is fifteen more chapters exploring the great question: What might happen if the more ego-driven Dave the Cleaner lived with the more compassionate Dave the Cleaner of the children of Mahoe class?

Each chapter will be illustrated with cartoons as my health permits, beginning with the essential story created by the 5 year-old children of Mahoe classroom in 2011 -see Children of Mahoe Chapt 4 The Mahoe Children”s Story

Children of Mahoe Chapt 1 Meet the Mahoe tree (5 cartoons)
Children of Mahoe Chapt 2 Story behind The Story
Children of Mahoe Chapt 3 Fun with Air
Children of Mahoe Chapt 4 The Mahoe Children”s Story (20 cartoons)
Children of Mahoe Chapt 5 Dave the Cleaner’s new spirit
Children of Mahoe Chapt 6 Dave the Cleaners meet
Children of Mahoe Chapt 7 Breakfast with Mum and Dad
Children of Mahoe Chapt 8 The Great Stinking Rubbish Debate
Children of Mahoe Chapt 9 Is Everyone and Everything a Story?
Children of Mahoe Chapt 10 The Science of Up and Down
Children of Mahoe Chapt 11 Another Breakfast with Mum and Dad
Children of Mahoe Chapt 12 A Magical Journey to the Sun
Children of Mahoe Chapt 13 A Big Melt-Down in A Warm-Up
Children of Mahoe Chapt 14 The Day the Sun Went Out
Children of Mahoe Chapt 15 Troubles from Messing with Sunlight
Children of Mahoe Chapt 16 Message in a Bottle
Children of Mahoe Chapt 17 Trapped in a Greenhouse Prison
Children of Mahoe Chapt 18 Living the Greenhouse World story
Children of Mahoe Chapt 19 Greater Worlds beyond the Greenhouse


Te Reo Maori Ataahua

Exploring the profound, sustaining wisdom inherent in te reo Maori (Maori language) 7 cartoons with brief text.


The Dear GUD letters
Explaining the deep physics/psychology of my weird adult behaviour to the 12-year old in me. Many 12-year olds and those with a young spirit may appreciate this journey of exploration.
9 letters (chapters) Total 85 draft cartoons with text.

Dear GUD 1 The Beginning
Dear GUD 2 Fun with Paradox
Dear GUD 3 Consciousness
Dear GUD 4 Trickster Ego
Dear GUD 5 Actual Reality
Dear GUD 6 Compassion
Dear GUD 7 Environment Trap
Dear GUD 8 Hope and Energy
Dear GUD 9 Way to OK Way


CARTOON History of Greenhouse Religion (colour)
CARTOON History of Power (colour)


Wisdom of the Conservation of Energy Principle
Energy is change
Energy is bounteous
Energy is countless forms
There are myriad perspectives of a form of energy
We have many choices of our use of energy
We can make clean or dirty uses of energy
Warming = Cooling = No temperature change

2013 –

Energy?! (A cartoon exploration the relationship between information and energy.)
Chapter One: Introducing The Ego and Energy
Chapter  Two – The Ego and Energy
Chapter Three -The Ego and Forms of Energy
Chapter Four -The Ego and Potential Energy
Chapter Five – The Ego and Global Warming
Chapter Six -The Ego and Greenhouse World
Chapter Seven – The Ego and Power
Chapter Eight -The Ego and Energy Efficiency

The initial cartoon exploration of the nature of energy and “energy efficiency”.