Civics of Covid 19

“COVID 19 LOCK-DOWN!” or Liberation?
“COVID 19 SELF-ISOLATION!” or Civic distancing?

No words can express the experience of millions of people in 2020.
The unthinkable happened for many people. It involved a fleeting, unimaginable glimpse of existence without cars and jets i.e. life without their conflagration of mineral oil.
People, now matured by their own children and failings, shared unprecedented precious time with their elderly parents.
Families strolled, biked, scootered and skated together down the middle of streets, heady in their sensations of liberation, space, sanity and safety.
Parents turned off The Crown media frenzy and looked to the stars, plants and birds when their children asked why can’t family life be more sane and normal like this.

“COVID 19 LIBERATION” or Lock-Down? “COVID 19 SOCIAL FREEDOM” or social isolation?
Again no words can express the experience of millions of people in 2020.
A profound bewilderment prevails “Post Lock-Down” as car-owners reclaim the roads with a vengeance, jets users reclaim the skies with their spumes of pollution and all the self-styled “journalists” in The Crown media become shrill and strident that this is our return to true reality and sanity.

However many people have glimpsed a ray of the truth of our day, our diurnal reality, through a crack in the “journalist’s” wall of denial . People have heard, have felt a profound vibration deep in their innards. people have heard their bowels, their gonads, their ovaries whisper with the wisdom that has sustained life for billions of years through eons of change. They warn this wilful waste and pollution must destroy our DNA.

People are now more sentient in wordless way that The Crown’s delusive world of cars and jets is a fatal, feudal deceit. Now “Post Lock-down”, The Crown insists we are liberated from hell again – free to drive cars, fly jets, practice dis-economy on scale again.
However many people have for the first time glimpsed true hope for their children.
That ray of truth still informs their days causing them to feel truly self-isolated, truly socially distanced by its wonderful insight. The ego now fills them with sensations of doubt and fear they will be dismissed as deranged if they confess to the truth, the enlightenment, the empowerment, the happiness they experienced in a reality without cars and jets.

To better understand this phenomenon, it is helpful to appreciate the fundamental psychology-physics of our existence: paradox.

Our human condition is such that every moment of our self-awareness involves a schism in our universal awareness. Either state of consciousness being, “self” and ”other”, is simultaneously born of the other in a paradoxical way.

In other words, the exclusive (selfish) forces of the ego and the inclusive (generous) forces of compassion simultaneously arise from each other in any instant.
The nature of our self-awareness is such we tend to self-destruct when our daily actions, our language, our institutions and our global interactions lack sufficient compassion i.e. they become primarily ego-driven. Our actions become in discord with the principles of physics and we are more prone to division, war, disease and misery. We live a paradox of communication: neither thoughts nor words can convey paradox even though it is expressed in our every action.

We live a paradox of communication: neither thoughts nor words can convey paradox even though it is expressed in our every action. However we continuously experience paradox with our eyes, ears and every other sense. This why drawings, music, dance etc can convey profound meaning in paradox in ways words never can. Indeed used with care our senses can even enable us to transcend paradox.

Perhaps we can appreciate this phenomenon of the human condition with the above illustration adapted from
Incredible Shade Illusion! 1min:16

We see B is actually the same shade as A when B is removed from the shadow of our Crown media and placed in the same light as A.
We can better experience this paradox when the phenomenon is expressed in dance and music as in the above video

The ego in us will say, “This is just a Incredible Shade Illusion. This is impossible! This can’t and doesn’t really happen!” where as the compassionate element in us simply senses sanity, harmony, reality and we experience it as actuality. With compassion we are experiencing the truth, the physics of the universe.

This is how and why many people experienced fleeting sensations of liberation, connection, compassion and true hope during a period The Crown media remains adamant this was a dark, dismal, weird time of “COVID 19 LOCK-DOWN!”, “SOCIAL-ISOLATION!” and “SELF-ISOLATION!”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is The-Unthinkable-Truth-of-Oil-Addiction-global-300x228.jpg
See above wiki image adapted in an attempt to illustrate the experience of many people of Covid 19 “Lock- Down” and “Liberation”

As any person healing from addictive behaviour understands full well, ego-driven personal and social forces continue to insist the addiction was actually liberation and freedom from pain and misery.
So what is the story in the illustration?
Why and how is the story “A = B = The addictive use of mineral oil.”?

The Amazing Physics of Mineral Oil.

Human Physics and Psychology are infinitely entangled because the essence of Physics is paradox and Psychology is the art(skill) of transcending paradox. Hence it is helpful to know a little of the physics of mineral oil.

The Crown dialect of English describes this substance variously:

  • as “Oil” (non-mineral);
  • as “a Fossil Fuel” (a substance existing for us to burn);
  • as “Energy” (a substance/force as bounteous as the vast universal potential);
  • as “a Commodity” (a substance to be used without care or value according to fiscal prices set by “The Market”).
  • as “a Resource” (any substance/force/action that adds fiscal short-term profit to The Crown)
    This language manifests extreme pathology of the ego, alias “I”.

The compassionate dialect of English describes this substance variously:

  • as “mineral oil” (a substance formed by vast solar, climatic and tectonic forces over eons that human extract using mining processes.);
  • as “fossilized biomass” (a form of carbon that humans can transform into myriad sustaining or self-destructive forms);
  • as “a form of energy” (just one of countless possible forms of energy, all of which are finite, transient substances/forces that we misuse at our peril);
  • as “a gift” (an invaluable/priceless substance or form of energy that we each receive into our care to hold and cherish so we can pass its wealth on to future generations).
  • as “ a resource” (a substance/force that arises again and again – in the instance of our use of mineral oil, we are careful to ensure our transformation of it best retains its full potential so as to ensure it benefits can arise again and again our future generations too).
The power of a 42 gallon barrel of mineral oil
42 gallon oil barrel

One of the myriad forms that mineral oil may be manifest in as a fuel. When combined with air in combustion, we can use it to move stuff. Incredible as it may seem, when combusted with air a 42 gallon barrel of processed mineral oil may perhaps have the motivational force potential of a human pushing, pulling and lifting continuously for 25,000 hours i.e. non-stop for nearly three years. A person exerting this force one hour every day might only perform this feat once in a lifetime of 70 years.

The ego in some people is able to exclude this information as “impossible”, “unbelievable”, “incredible”. Thus they can easily justify burning mineral oil in their use of car and jet infrastructure even though both systems are specifically designed so fewer than 250 of those 25,000 hours of potential actually move the passenger. The remainder are transformed into waste heat and air pollution.

Our compassionate element senses this is unwise, for it conspires with the suffering of all human beings, including unborn generations. It would have us realize this wanton destruction of a precious mineral and associated destruction of climate balances must, according the principles of physics, destroy our children.
Unlike the ego, our compassionate element embraces our mortality and accepts the reality of physics, which is that mineral oil is finite and, once burned, it can never be a resource for humankind.

We live a paradox of the ego: I believe I am the exclusive master of all; I fear all scrutiny of my rule.
Thus the ego thrives in the invisible and in ingenious self-deceit. This is true in every individual person. This is true in every institution of Man i.e. humankind.
Perhaps no institution on Planet Earth is more ego-driven and lacking compassion than the City of London Corporation. This is evidenced in the way the English Combustion Revolution has impacted in global carbon balances in ways unprecedented for millions of years. The evidence resides in the extraordinary species extinction and the ancient ice of Earth.
Information is physical i.e. subject like all other forms to the principles of energy. Thus we are our language and the truth of our lifestyle is manifest in every word we say.
The evidence of the ego is writ large in the central statement of the emblem of the City of London Corporation:

Domine: dominus Noun = mister, gentleman, lord
Dirige: dirigere Verb = arrange/set in line/direction, align, set in order…
Nos: ego Personal Pronoun = I, you, he/she/it (personal pronoun) The Crown is verily a law unto itself.

It so happens the date of writing this script is 1 June 2020, which is the annual national holiday in New Zealand known as Queen’s Birthday in honour of the English Monarch, Queen Elizabeth 11.
The Crown decrees it is a holiday in Aotearoa, as it has done in all its colonies since 1748. However while many people celebrate the birthday of an English monarch, few know the Queen or King of England may wear a crown but he or she is a simply a servant of The Crown, as are all people under the rule of The Crown.
Few “subjects of The Crown” understand or can believe that a cluster of powerful merchants on the Thames Estuary formed an independent state at the time of the Norman conquest of the British Isles. It was a law unto itself and remains so to this day.
1000 years later The Crown alias the City of London Corporation now forms a supranational corporation of such potent military-industrial-fiscal-linguistic force it rules the global interactions of humans.
Such is the way the ego, our “I”, thrives in invisibility, in confusion and conflation, in deceit and deception, in secrecy and anonymity.
Such is the way it can and does infuse our daily lives with fear, greed and self-deceit in vast denial of the principles of physics.

This dominion over human affairs of The Crown has been enabled by its radical, extreme psychopathic combustion of fossilized and living biomass.
Its polluting ethos now informs every breath, every word, every Government of every human being with carbon dioxide levels increased to 420 parts per million of Earth’s atmosphere under The Crown’s rule.

The Crown is the exemplar of how, without compassion, an institution becomes entirely ego-driven and necessarily destroys its society – just as 2500 years ago Confucius advised us all it necessarily would if the individual fails to use their language with care. He well understood our civic duty is to continuously rectify (correct) our language (words) because the ego constantly endeavours to corrupt their meaning so as to serve its selfish ends.

No person is entirely without compassion. This truth was manifest during the past year at the “World Economic Forum” annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. This is a gathering of The Crown’s most rich and powerful fiscal beneficiaries.
They emerged shaking in their bones with the realization all their money has no sustaining value, all their power has no enduring meaning.
They emerged stumbling, stuttering and dumbed of wisdom by their mother tongues.
They emerged blinded to paths of liberation by the ingenuity of their ego-driven ways.

However, as with all human beings, they too enjoy unspeakable compassion deep in their being with its ability to enable us to transcend the paradox of the human condition. All the power and meaning in the universe is within them too if they enjoy sufficient compassion to give time to listening. They too can share the sustaining insights of billions of human beings. To reiterate the preface paragraphs:

“…No words can express the experience of millions of people in 2020.
The unthinkable happened for many people. It involved a fleeting, unimaginable glimpse of existence without cars and jets i.e. without their conflagration of mineral oil…
…People have heard. From deep in their innards, their bowels, their gonads, their ovaries whisper with the wisdom that has sustained life for billions of years through eons of change. They warn this wilful waste and pollution must destroy our DNA…”

See preface paragraphs

And perhaps the greatest investment in this moment is to give time to seeking out and walking with fulsome care amidst the billions of humble, frugal, sharing people who have listened to that ancient wisdom of our DNA since birth. Consequently they are now enjoy sustainable, liberated lives free from addiction, lives free from the ego-driven insatiable need to burn mineral oil in cars and jets, not even in machines to till food for their plates.

We live a paradox of compassion: in becoming a servant of the universe; all becomes a gift to us.
In that experience of compassion is true hope for our children.


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First draft 4 June 2020.