The Information – Energy Equation  (A Sustaining principle of energy):

A symbol use that embraces the principles of energy tends to sustain the user in true hope; a symbol use that denies the principles of energy tends to generate delusional behaviour in the user and self-destruction.

Requisites for Civilization

Civilization is the state when a society ensures all the basic rights and needs of its citizens are ensured while conserving the global flows and balances that sustain all humankind. This occurs when the state of science prevails, thus enabling the development of all manner of sustaining arts (skills).

Requisites for Science

Requisites for the state of science to exist include the qualities of humility and inclusiveness; collegiality, openness and sharing; inquiry, wonder and forgiveness; honesty and trust; generosity of time and reflection. All these are elements of compassion.

All children are born into a profound state of science with its associated capacity to enjoy true hope. It is the sacred duty and privilege of all child-carers to conserve this precious state.

Civics: Language

551 – 479 BC

Tzu Lu said: “The ruler of Wei wants you to become a member of his government. What will you work on first?” Confucius said: “The correction of language use [rectification of names].” Tzu Lu said: “You don’t mean it! Why should that be your first priority?” Confucius said: “If language is not used correctly, then what is said won’t be understood. If what is said is not understood, then the work of the state cannot be carried out successfully. If the work of the state cannot be carried out successfully, then the rules of propriety will not be observed and music [that is, culture] will not develop. If propriety does not prevail, and if music [that is, culture] does not develop, then criminal punishments will not be imposed in accordance with justice. If criminal punishments are unjust, then the people will be disoriented in their actions. Therefore, the Chun-Tzu must see to it that language is used correctly and that what he says is carried out in practice.”

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