Power (Electricity)

Summary statement.

Our world view is shaped by and reflected in our use of symbols. The human ego can easily generate very subtle and sophisticated rationales for any use of a symbol. This guide employs psychoanalysis founded in the principles of physics that enables us to transcend the ingenious deceits and trickery of the ego.

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True hope resides in symbol use that embraces change/stewardship.
Delusive hope resides in symbol use that denies change/stewardship.


Symbol:  Power

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wiki measuring the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Modern measuring instruments enable us to detect and measure a wide range of solar activity.

True Hope: Energy is the potential of the universe(s) and is manifest in myriad forms. Power is the rate at which energy is manifest i.e. the rate the universal potential is manifest at.
In other words, power is the measure and energy is the measured. Power is the rate of action (work, play, dance or however you symbolize existence). It can be symbolized thus:

Power = Action/Time  

Comment. In as much as energy is manifest in every aspect of existence, then every aspect of existence has power i.e. has a measurable manifestation. 
True hope occurs when we  comprehend that no form or aspect of existence can be called power, for power is a measure of the rate of change in all things.
True hope occurs when we understand that there are as many measures as there are forms or aspects of existence.  Then we give each measure its own truthful symbol reflecting the unique properties of each form. For instance, useful measures of the objects we use daily include:

* Manpower (7.46 Watts), 
(33 foot-pounds per minute, 75 kilogram-meter per second etc, 750 Watts)
* Solar power (BTUs or amount of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree 1ºF or Watts or calories, etc)
* Social power (the relative capacity to affect social change over time)
* Electrical power (watts or joules/second or volt amperes or 1/746 horsepower)

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An indication of the range of ways of measuring the rate of change can be seen at the conversion sites The rate at which we learn and accumulate knowledge increases as our power to measure grows.
Lord Kelvin said, “To measure is to know”.
He also said, “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.”  However the greatest value of measurement occurs when we use it to ensure our lives are sustainable and we enjoy true power.

Delusive Hope: Power = Energy

Comment It is now common practice in Anglo-American countries to confuse power (the measure) with energy (the measured). See typical Internet search on the ” energy power” symbol. Snapshot of Internet: 1 September 2014.
This is an exemplar of the ego’s ingenious capacity to obscure and deny change/stewardship. The confusion destroys all meaning in measurement and thus our capacity to truly know  and enjoy existence.

Delusive Hope: Power = Electricity
True hope resides in appreciating that the  electricity symbol is most usefully associated with a class of electrical phenomena with each phenomenon having very different properties from the other e.g. electrical currents, static electricity, electrons etc.
All forms (things) can be known from an electrical perspective, just as they can be known from thermal, chemical and other perspectives.
All forms (things)  are unique momentary balances in the continuous flux, which is the universal electrical potential.
Delusive hope arises when power is equated with electricity power-electricity.searchbecause it confuses perspectives with forms(things). The equation also denies all manner of change inherent in differing phenomena and our role as stewards of electrical perspectives and forms. Snapshot of Internet: 1 September 2014.


wiki Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station Sample delusive “Power” language: Power sector Power summit Power company Power generator Power retailer Power consumer Power bill/account Power price Power shop Power station Power plant Power station Power flow Power grid Power pylon Power pole Power wire Power board Power meter Power man Power switch Power plug/socket/point Power extension Power tool Power crisis Power surge Power outage Power failure

Delusive Hope: Power  = Bulk-generated electrical products.
This equation further compounds the confusion and denial of the equation Power =Electricity because it denies the reality that there are myriad possible electrical products including  Bulk-generated (gigawatt) community scale (megawatt), dwelling scale (kilowatt), micro (0.1 < watt)  and nano (<0.0001  watt). The delusion blinds us to countless sustaining opportunities.

Delusive Hope  Power  = Energy = Fossil Fuels = Electricity = Bulk-generated electrical products.
Comment. When any two of the above equations are combined their delusive power is amplified on scale, as are the dangers to humanity. The immense Anglo-American empire is founded in the belief of  this great conjunction of fatally flawed equations.  It reflects and enables the dangerous excesses of the Industrial Revolution that now put humanity at grave peril.

Energy?! Chapter seven – The Ego and Power provides a brief cartoon history of the Anglo-American use of the power symbol. It features a continuing dialogue between two contrasting and complementary elements of the human ego and illustrates how the symbol has been re-engineered to serve the short-term interests of a global merchant banker oligarchy.

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