A Manifesto for Child-carers
(Including Parents and Teachers)

Revision Oct 2017

Summary Statements of Fundamental Beliefs

The Sustaining Power of Community

Each of us is our local community, of which its school is a prime element. The true citizen gives freely to their local school to ensure our children enjoy compassion. Without compassion, their scientific spirit cannot prevail. Without science, our children cannot develop sustaining arts (civics). Without civics their language becomes delusional – injustice, inequity, dis-economy,  pollution and war prevail.
Hence a true citizen acts global and is local community. A compassionate school  involves all its local community.

We are All Born Scientists.

All  children are born into a profound state of science with its associated capacity to enjoy true hope. It is the sacred duty and privilege of all child-carers to conserve this precious state.

Requisites for Science

Requisites for the state of science to exist include the qualities of humility and inclusiveness; collegiality, openness and sharing; inquiry, wonder and forgiveness; honesty and trust; generosity of time and reflection. All these are elements of compassion.

Requisites for Civilization

Civilization is the state when a society ensures all the basic rights and needs of its citizens are ensured while conserving the global flows and balances that sustain all humankind. This occurs when the state of science prevails, thus enabling the development of all manner of sustaining arts (skills).

Information is a Universal Force

All things, including thoughts (words), are information, which is physical. That is, all information are forces subject to the principles of energy.  Accordingly our lifestyle is our prime message.

We are Paradox

Existence involves paradox, which is beyond the ken of thought and an anathema to the ego. We live the paradox of communication: our use of any symbol simultaneously reflects and generates our state of being.

The Information – Energy Equation

A symbol use that embraces the principles of energy tends to sustain the user in true hope; a symbol use that denies the principles of energy tends to generate delusional behaviour in the user and self-destruction.

The Nature of Energy

Every element of our being is vitally intimate with energy and no one knows what energy is.
We can know it is the universal potential, all of which is active.
We can know it is manifest in all forms and no form is energy i.e. we deny the bounteous nature of the universal potential when we define any form as energy.
This we can know because overwhelming evidence indicates the Conservation Principle of Energy holds – it has never been disproved or faulted despite our most ingenious audit throughout millennia. This principle reminds us in wondrous potential and the continuous transformation of all. Its wisdom reminds us in the universal reality, enables us to employ sustainable language and allows us to enjoy true hope.

The Confluence of Physics, Psychology and Philosophy

Physics is about paradox and the ways of the universal transformation; psychology is fundamentally about transcending paradox and philosophy is the loving of wisdom.  With compassion, these paths of inquiry tend to converge into true hope and our lives become in harmony with the flows and balances that sustain humankind long term.

The Human Condition

The human psyche is comprised of a vast sentience of existence, a trace self-awareness and the active interface of these two elements – the ego (“I”) . The ego arises in our moments of self-awareness. Born of division, the nature of the ego is that it tends to fragment all sentience and obliterate the precious state of science. It is the prime source and driver of all our psychotic and psychopathic traits.

The Transcendent Power of Compassion

The unique amalgam of qualities, which is compassion, has the rare power to embrace the ingenious, incredible deceits of the ego and the limitations of the thought process. Our experience of compassion enables us to transcend these divisive aspects of the human condition and enjoy greater harmony with existence.

Conserving  and Enhancing the State of Science Within Us
(A cumulative sequence of activities beginning at birth)

Experiencing paradox
(Compassion, music, dance, drawing and other transcendent activities)

Embracing the truths of the Conservation Principal of Energy
(Playing with sunlight, air, water, plants, soils and other vital manifestations of the universal, continuous change)

Developing spoken language and other symbol uses in ways that embrace change/stewardship
(Unpacking the wisdom of the Conservation Principle of Energy)

Developing civics i.e. the skills of compassion enabling civilization
(Identifying and rectifying the denials of change/stewardship inherent in our personal and social systems of language)

Perform the above with our children and sustaining uses of technology will tend to occur that enhance the potential of future humankind,

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The way, manner or principles of the continuous, universal transformation, all of which involves paradox.
The universal potential, all of which is active.
The study of the psyche, ultimately the art of transcending paradox.
The loving of wisdom.
State of being in which all the qualities of compassion prevail.
All manner of skills.
The skills of compassion enabling civilization i.e. all manner of sustaining language, systems and institutions.

Note:  Visit a more extensive guide to sustainable uses of English

From 25 Jan 2017 Draft 1
Elucidating the above manifesto

We understand the following physics:

  • Existence involves paradox, a state beyond thought that each one of us experiences in every sentient moment.

Continuous change-constancy; light-dark; sound-silence;  arising-passing; the informed-the informer; action-reaction;…
Each is of and perpetuates the other in ways  that are an anathema to the ego and unknowable with thought.
Compassion enables us to transcend this condition.

  • The Conservation Principle of Energy holds – energy is a universal constant and continuously transforms all.

No other symbol has been subject to more intense and ingenious scrutiny than “The Conservation Principle of Energy” and it has never been proved incorrect. It is near as we have to a law of existence and the symbol most truthfully reflects reality. Its messages  that energy continuously transforms  and is a constant (neither created nor destroyed) can inform our state of being with great wisdom.

  • A small change in the initial condition of the system can cause a chain of events leading to large-scale phenomena.
The Butterfly Effect”

Small changes to trace elements of a system can lever large changes within the system and in associated systems. Though energy is a constant, change occurs in non-linear ways i.e. patterns of change are infinitely varied. Knowledge of minute quantities and leverage are requisites to understanding physics.



  • Any thing is its context- the interrelated conditions in which it exists or occurs. We are our environment.
A car is a complex involving human mind, atmospheric oxygen, rare minerals and infrastructure (carriageway, fueling, parking, repair, etc.) wiki/Traffic_congestion

A car is a complex involving human mind, atmospheric oxygen, rare minerals and infrastructure (carriageway, fueling, parking, repair, etc.) wiki/Traffic_congestion

Any thing, whether it be an object, system, device, atom, creature, plant or galaxy, is inextricable from the aggregate of forces that inform its existence even as it is not that aggregate. All things are a paradox of energy.
For instance, a living cell is the surrounding air, water, minerals, organisms, and all other external factors enabling it in any moment.

  • Information is physical – all forms are of the universal flux
    of information.

    The DNA colour of the flower informs the bee of food. The bee informs the flower with DNA of the colour.

    All things are enabled in information.  Information acts in accord with the principles of physics, being at once discrete and integral to the universal flux.

A minuscule, trace element is manifest to us. This we call knowledge. Information  is manifest to us from a range of perspectives e.g. thermodynamic, electrical, chemical, gravitational etc.


  • The ego (“I”), which simultaneously arises with self-awareness in a human psyche, constantly informs us in denial of reality (The Conservation Principle of Energy)

The human psyche can be understood as a conglomerate of three heterogeneous information systems: a vast consciousness involving at least 10 trillion cells forming countless permutations of communication, a few fleeting thoughts in moments of self-awareness and the ego. The ego occurs with self-awareness and is the active interface or intermediary of the vast general sentience and the trace self-awareness. It is the friction that occurs with change of state and can be understood as entropy of information- in particular the loss of information connecting the psyche to reality. Thus the ego is characterized by denial of The Conservation Principle of Energy i.e. the continuous universal transformation.

  • All sentient beings experience pain in transformation and compassion reminds us in reality.
Pain is physical – a force of the universe Regions of the cerebral cortex associated with pain

As with energy, we are all intimate with pain and no one knows what it is. Brain based, it is a force that can be glimpsed from a range of perspectives including chemical, electrical and thermal.
It can be a symptom or perception of distress, disharmony or friction within a form or between forms.
The sensation of pain can indicate a profound change of state or paradigm is occurring or about to occur. Thus it can have a profound adaptive role, though the ego can subvert its power in unsustainable ways.
We live many paradox of pain. For instance:
Pain is personal and global.
It occurs in creation and destruction of forms.
Denial of pain increases suffering; acceptance of pain reduces suffering.
Denial of pain obscures awareness of reality; acceptance enhances awareness.
The physics of this paradoxical phenomenon is this: to the extent we embrace pain within ourselves and in other beings as one, we are embracing the Conservation Principle of Energy, the universal change. The great wisdom of the principle informs our behaviour so our actions become more in harmony with reality.  We experience this state of compassion as a sense of joy.

  • We can transcend the limitations of thought, the ego and paradox with compassion because it enhances our ability to ensure our symbol use reflects the reality of the Conservation Principle of Energy.

Information being physical, the human psyche is consistent with the principles of energy despite the contradictions, denial and ingenious self-deceits of the ego. This consistency means the totality of our actions or lifestyle forms our ultimate message to our audience. We are our symbol.
It also means we live this paradox of communication: our state of being is simultaneously reflected and generated in our use of language. Compassion reminds us in the Conservation Principle of Energy and enables us to transcend this paradox so our language informs our behaviour in the wisdom of the principle.

  • Every child is born of compassion and thus enjoys
    a considerable state of science.



A child is born with neural networks predisposed to and capable of reflecting all the actions of human beings. In particular it rehearses every sound of every spoken language in preparation for sharing all potential cultures. Its experimentation with those sounds and other human expressions evidence considerable qualities of inclusiveness, inquiry, forgiveness, honesty, generosity of time, reflection and other qualities of compassion that enable the state of science to exist.

  • We each act as stewards amidst the universal flux. This action of guardianship includes ensuring that our lifestyles and language conserve and enhance the state of science of our children so they can be sustained in the universal potential, which is energy.

The entropy of the ego is manifest as our loss of information with  reality, the universal flux.
We experience the action of the ego as incredible, ingenious denial of our roles as stewards of the universal flows and balances that sustain humankind. Inherent in stewardship is connection with the universal transformation and, for the ego, an inconvenient reminder that all forms are finite – including the human form.
The human form is not a closed system and wisdom of the Conservation Principle of Energy enables us to employ sources of energy, especially solar energy, to conserve resources that enable humankind.