Cartoon Warming Cooling

Wisdom of The Conservation of Energy Principle

All things are continuously warming and cooling.
Each and every form in existence is the product of a particular confluence of space and time in which a unique state of thermal harmony prevails
i.e. The rate of warming of the form = its rate of cooling.

TRUE HOPE resides in embracing the wise principles of thermodynamics.
DELUSIVE HOPE arises in the denial of the wise principles of thermodynamics, which advise us that the universe is continuously warming and cooling. This process sustains all things.



Extended Thesis:

Existence can be understood as a universal thermal flux in which countless forms of energy occur.
Each form is the product of a particular confluence of space-time in which a unique state of thermal harmony prevails. The temperature of the form is neither increasing nor decreasing in this steady state. It is a paradox: its state remains constant even as the form continuously changes with the flux.

Each form ceases to be when this thermal balance passes. The form becomes subject to either warming-up (increasing temperatures) or cooling down (decreasing temperatures). A change of state occurs and the form vanishes into the greater universal potential from which it arose.

The human ego is capable of incredible self-deceits and can easily make us our own worst enemy. Its ingenious trickery is such that it can make us ask for our destruction even as we call for care and stewardship.

Delusional warming posters Screenshot of “stop global warming” posters 30 November 2015

The ego is easily capable of subverting our best intentions. It can have the most well-meaning people demonize the life-enabling process of global warming and  thus agitate for our demise.
We deny the fundamentals of the universal thermodynamics by conflating warming with warming-up. In this instance we conflate Global Warming with Global Warming-Up. Thus the ego enables us to abrogate responsibility for our actions in causing global temperatures to increase i.e. a change of the state of the planet.  Th ego compounds this ingenious deceit by avoiding symbol use, such as reminders that this phenomenon is Human-induced Warming-up.

Three Short, Very Potent Words

Be mindful of these three potent symbols: “up”, “down” and “use”. Our use and disuse of these simple words informs our world-view in most vital ways. Our careful  use of them reminds us in the finite nature of all forms. Used with care, they frame our narrative of our climate use in wisdom. We misuse and disuse them at our peril.

Wisdom of The Conservation of Energy Principle