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The Psychology~Physics of the Mystery of Paradox


Existence involves paradox – it is one of our greatest mysteries. It is the secret to and of life. As with energy, we are all vitally intimate with paradox and yet no one knows what it is. We experience it with every breath, with inhalation of exhalation, with day of night, with sound of silence…

Paradox form our ultimate experience of the universal change – indeed our survival both as individuals and as a species depends on our ability to transcend paradox. However paradox is beyond the realm of thought and an anathema to the ego. This limits and confounds our capacity to experience harmony with all.

In the ultimate, philosophy (the loving of wisdom), physics (the nature of paradox) and psychology (the art of transcending paradox) become conflated in true hope.

Prime Paradox of our Lives

The ego:
The ego (the “I”) is the active interface of the trace self-aware elements (thoughts) and the vast, subliminal sentience of the psyche. It arises in self-awareness of existence even as it denies our connection with all.

A constant of the universe is change. All is continuous transformation with all forms being informed even as each form informs all. (See the Conservation Principle of Energy.)

We human beings, like all forms, are a momentary installation of a unique set of information. This crystallized quanta of information is sustained, remains still, even as information of the universe continuously flows through us.


Each sentient being simultaneously informs and is informed by systems of symbols. (It is our ability to use symbols to communicate that enables living forms to survive and procreate.)

We are alive in awareness even as we can never know the bounds of sentience. Indeed our self-awareness can desensitize us to the sentience of other living forms, even to vast sentience of our own body.

We are cleaved, split asunder within and from all in the arising of self-knowledge. The more we crave connection; the more it eludes us.
Note. The “science” symbol arises from the PIE root “skei” (to cut, to split) – a recognition of our fragmented state of being with self-knowledge.

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“We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain. ” Alan Watts

In compassion we are reminded in universal suffering – all sentient beings experience painful awareness of alienation and mortality; in compassion we can transcend the fragmentation and ingenious denials of the ego by embracing our mortality and suffering.

All forms are of the universal information; no form is universal information. Thus all symbols are only approximate reflections of the universal reality, experiments at communication in which the ego plays a pivotal role.

The more the ego has us think about paradox; the less we live paradox. We become trapped in difference, division, exclusion from our universality and, in the ultimate, fatal delusional hopes.

Each thing, including any symbol, is a unique, transient balance of forces. Action. Reaction. Each is of and perpetuates the other.

A symbol use simultaneously reflects and generates the state of the user.

Transcending Paradox

Ovid (Died 17 AD ) “All things change; nothing perishes.”

True hope resides in the fact that constancy prevails in the human psyche, just as it does throughout the universe according to the Conservation of Energy Principle. The human psyche remains consistent amidst the chaos and confusion of the deceitful ego. Our liberation from the constraints of thought and the deceits of ego resides in that constancy.

Corollaries: We are our language. We are symbols unto ourselves. Our use of symbols (including words) reflects and drives our behaviour.

We can transcend the limitations of thought and the ingenious deceits of the ego by using symbols with care so they reflect the wisdom of the Conservation Principle of Energy i.e. embrace the universal constancy of change and the physical nature of information.

A sustaining principle of energy arises from this universal principal of physics:

A symbol used in acceptance of the continuous universal change enhances the capacity of the user to mirror reality and enjoy harmony with existence. True hope tends to prevail.

The converse also holds: we reject the principles of physics at our peril. Our decision to use symbols in denial of change/stewardship will tend to generate delusional hopes and misery.
See, for instance, the video: The Evolution of Pollution English (0000 AD -2016 AD )and its associated Anthropocene.

Ancient Wisdom

When Tzu Lu asked Confucius about 500 BC what is the prime act of stewardship it is said he replied, “The correction of language use [rectification of names]…”

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