Energy (definition)

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Our world view is simultaneously shaped by and reflected in our use of symbols. The human ego can easily generate very subtle and sophisticated rationales for any use of a symbol. This guide employs deep psychoanalysis founded in the profound wisdom of the principles of physics. It enables us to use that wisdom  to transcend the ingenious deceits and trickery of the ego so that our use of symbols sustains yin yang

True hope resides in symbol use that embraces change/stewardship.
Delusive hope resides in symbol use that denies change/stewardship.


Symbol: Energy 

Aurora_Borealis above Bear Lake Alaska

True Hope: Energy = the potential of the universe(s) i.e. it is so bounteous it can usefully be considered a constant and it is manifest in countless, ever-changing forms. This truth of physics is contained in the Conservation Principle of Energy.  All forms are of energy and none is energy.

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 Delusive Hope: Energy = an individual form or group of forms of energy e.g. Bulk-generated electrical products, fossilized biomass, drink, food or other transient objects.
Comment: This confusion of energy with a form it is manifest in indicates the complete denial of the principles of physics. The confusion denies both the continuous universal transformation in which all forms are transient and the bounteous number of forms possible.
The confusion also denies stewardship by which we are mindful of the sustaining value of finite forms and frugal in our use of them.

Generic picture of electrical pylons
Typical picture generated by an Internet search on “energy sector”. Gratton Institute

 Delusive Hope: Energy = power
Comment: The universal potential (energy) is confused with the rate it is manifest i.e. the measured = the measured. This confusion is a classic example of the ingenious trickery of the ego.
Engineers first associated the “power” symbol with electrical products in 1873, as in “powerhouse”.  In the 1950s the global Banker Oligarchy  compounded the confusion by equating power (Bulk-manufactured electrical product) with energy. Hence what they call the “energy sector”, “energy trades”, “energy derivatives” and “energy industry”.


Symbol: Energy is.

True Hope:  The “is” symbol means “to be” and arises from Proto-Indo-European  “esto be.  Energy is, which means it is inherently sustained, conserved, renewed and universal. The Principle of the Conservation of Energy does not hold is this is not true.
Energy is paradox in that it is of universal value even as it is of no value. We can transcend this paradox by giving every form a symbol that expresses  its unique  characteristics. To the extent this is done with care, then each form will assume a true value.

wiki pollution. This is an example of our dirty or poisonous use of fossilized biomass. Note: the ego conveniently excludes the atmosphere from the combustion equation as in “Coal = energy”.

Delusive Hope: There exists clean/dirty energy.
Comment Energy is neither clean nor dirty. Energy is.  It is manifest in forms that tend to sustain humankind and forms that tend to destroy us. How we use these forms can determine whether we survive or perish.  We can choose to use a form so that it enhances  or destroys us i.e. we can make clean uses and dirty uses of a substance.


Quote: “By June 2014, two years will have passed since Rio+20, where world leaders declared: “we are all determined to act to make sustainable energy for all a reality…”

Delusive Hope: There exists Sustainable Energy.
Comment This delusion arises from the ego’s powerful propensity to deny change/stewardship and reflects the non-sustainable culture of the users. This lack of sustainability is projected onto energy so that it is perceived as deficient.
A paradox of physics is that energy is continual change even as it is unchangeable. We can transcend this paradox by embracing our roles as stewards and using the forms and flows of energy in sustainable ways.

renewable-energy This language is typical of those who describe themselves as “environmentalists” and “sustainability experts”.

Delusive Hope: There exists Renewable Energy
Comment This delusion is a classic example of the incredible, subtle capacity of the ego to deny change/stewardship. Energy by its very nature is continuously renewed. The delusion inherently denies this universal reality by suggesting that there exists both renewable energy and non-renewable energy i.e. the Conservation Principle of Energy does not hold.
If the principle is true, then energy is.
A paradox of physics is that energy is constant in its renewal. All is change.  We can transcend this paradox by embracing our roles as stewards and conserving valuable  forms and sources of energy. In particular we remain mindful of conserving renewable forms and sources.


Symbol:   Energy Transforms

human energy transformer
wiki human being Man, plow, horse, grass, tree, cloud…each is a form of energy and each transforms energy with its actions Each is of energy and each is an energy transformer.

True Hope:   Existence is paradox. Energy is constant even as it continuously transforms. All  things are transformed even as they each act as a transformer. No energy is generated in the process though the new forms may be more or less useful to us.
We can transcend  both the trickery of the ego and this paradox by being mindful  in our use of language of the universal transformation.

Delusive Hope: There exist energy generators.

energy generator wiki Reality is these devices make aspects of our electrical potential manifest in ways that we can use. They are transformers. They do not add energy to existence.

Comment  This grand deceit of the ego emerged with the excesses of what English people call “The Industrial Revolution”. It became prevalent with the advent of reticulated Bulk-generated electrical products. The symbol denies reality, which is energy cannot be created, destroyed, generated, developed or otherwise altered. Almost invariably people are confusing devices that transform with the act of generating of energy. This trick of the ego enables us to use the product of the transformation without sentience of the principles of physics.

pollutionchine1 Humans now have the capacity to alter climate balances and destroy minerals on a catastrophic scale

Delusive Hope: Humans can generate energy.
This extraordinary deceit of the ego divorces and dissociates human beings from the universal potential.  The belief is the epitome of arrogance because it suggests human beings can act without regard for the principles of physics i.e we are a law unto ourselves.

wiki Robert Fludd’s 1618 “water screw” perpetual motion machine from a 1660 wood engraving.

Humankind has long denied our mortality by generating all manner of delusional beliefs and devices such as perpetual motion machines, free money,  renewable energy, elixirs of eternal youth etc.
The equation Fossilized biomass =Fossil Fuels =Energy is another variant on this delusion.
All societies founded in such delusive hope inevitably implode in misery.



 Symbol:   Energy and Resources

True Hope:  Symbol not used. The resource symbol arises from the Latin resurgere – “to rise again” Energy is the ultimate resource i.e. re-source. Energy is.

Delusive Hope: There exist energy and resources.

wiki Right Honorable Gerry Brownlee – New Zealand’s first Minister of Energy and Resources.

Comment   English people first began to strip the “ resource” symbol  of its associations with change/stewardship about 1610. This process was completed about 1779. (See cartoon history below)
This coincides with the advent of the massive excesses of the Industrial Revolution when anything that could be burned and destroyed for an immediate profit was defined as a resource regardless of the consequences.
The extreme excesses of Anglo-American countries this last generation are reflected in Governments being founded in the symbol in the Minister of Energy symbol. This Office almost invariably associates energy with  a limited number of forms  – primarily fossilized biomass and Bulk-generated electrical products.
The Minister of Energy and Resourcesminister_of_energy_and_resources symbol compounds the denial of change/stewardship in inherent in the Minister of Energy symbol  to an extreme degree. This gross denial of physics guarantees misery.

energy resource
From Energy?! Chapter eight The Ego and Energy Efficiency Cartoon 7


 Symbol:  Alternative Energy

True Hope:  Symbol not used.
Energy is the potential of the universe(s) and thus it is manifest according to the principles of physics in all that is or can be.  We do enjoy alternatives to the extent we can choose to use a variety of sources of energy, all being of finite nature.

Typical picture generated by Internet search on “alternative energy”. Thanks Kapiti College New Zealand

Delusive Hope: An alternative energy exists to the energy of the universe(s).
Comment. The underlying belief is that more than one type of energy exists and, by definition, this “alternative energy” is not subject to the principles of physics.
The use unravels in hopeless ways when small scale wind turbines, photovoltaic systems and other localized transformer systems are described as “alternative” because it reinforces their status as secondary or minor systems to Bulk-transformer systems such as nuclear, large thermal-electric and large hydro-electric devices.