Blah Blah Blah v Civics COP26

Illustration designed to enable people to identify compassionate language of physics and the  ego-derived language  of delusion at COP26
Illustration designed to enable people to identify compassionate language of true physics and the ego-derived language of delusion at COP26

28th September 2021. Greta Thunberg, a young citizen of Sweden, delivers a speech during the opening plenary session of the Youth4Climate summit in Milan, Italy. She describes commonly used English words and expressions of “Climate Care” as “blah, blah, blah” i.e. as deceitful, delusional and morally bankrupt.
Greta’s “blah, blah, blah” speech reverberates around planet Earth and resonates in profound ways in many people. Deep in our guts we knows the truth she speaks. In my instance, it supports my growing belief this past two decades that the prevalence of “Energy Gobbledy-gook” is a recipe for dystopia, an existential threat to Mankind’s existence.

The following week I visit the Surrealist Art exhibition at Te Papa Tongarewa (The Museum of New Zealand) and for the first time learn how the Dada movement arose in 1916 as a reaction to the crazy, horrific reality of industrialized slaughter and mayhem in Europe. It is said one band of French infantrymen (sent as reinforcements) baa-ed like lambs led to the slaughter, in futile protest, as they marched to the war front where 120,000 French perished in a few days.
Compassion arises in me with my sensation of the needless futility and scale of the suffering.

“Blah blah blah… Dada… Baa baa bah…”
Shades of familiarity, shivers of insight sweep over and through me: this is the language of “Energy Gobbledy-gook”. This is the voice of the ego gone berserk.

What can a man (human being) do and say? Words fail us for thought cannot transcend paradox and the ego thrives in this limited domain. And yet, as Confucius reminded us millennia ago, we are our language and it is our prime Civic duty to continuously rectify (correct) our use of words. He detailed how, without this care, all the frameworks sustaining our society perish.

Questions arise :
“How might the voice of compassion prevail to complement the voice of the ego?”
“ How might we better experience the qualities of compassion so they can inform our state of being so we can enjoy the spirit of science that enables us to develop all manner of sustaining arts, the skills of Civics?
“How can we better embrace the ego, which arises in any of moment of self-awareness?

Perhaps there are no easy answers. Born of the division of consciousness, the ego thrives in division, conflict and alienation. Surely it is the almost limitless source of our greed, envy, fear and arrogance?
And the profound intermediary role the ego plays at the borders of our self-consciousness and our greater consciousness means it can subvert our finest intentions in the most incredible, ingenious ways.
Without compassion, the ego can easily have us speak and act in dissonant ways yet be oblivious to our nonsensical behaviour.
Without compassion, the ego can have us live in denial of the universal principles of physics. Without compassion, the ego can make any of us be our own worst enemy
Without compassion, the ego in some men (human beings) can destroy Mankind with as little as one word.

It is our experience of the wisdom and kind humour of compassion that sustains Mankind, whether as individuals or as societies.
Its kind humour enables us to perceive and forgive us our errors so we are better able to be in harmony with the universal flows and balances.
Its spirit of honest inquiry and inclusiveness enables us to embrace the ingenious delusions of the ego and live the reality of the principles of physics.

So, being mindful of the deceits and trickery of the ego, perhaps we can with compassion draw on the wisdom of the Conservation of Energy Principle, identify language founded in the ways of the universe and live its true meaning?
In so doing, we may also be able to identify and rectify language founded in the ego’s denial of the ways of universal flux and cease to live the ego’s nonsense.

It is helpful to understand that all information is physical i.e. information is manifest as countless forms of energy. Each form of information, including a thought or a word, is a force – as are all forms of energy. Hence, like everything else, an form of information is subject to the principles of physics, including the Conservation Principle of Energy.
So any form informs all other forms in the continuous universal transformation even as it is informed by all. This is why any use of symbol simultaneously reflects and generates the state of being of its users.

Information being physical, this means the inner truth of our ways is always out somehow in our language, in our use of symbols. Put simply, words matter and are matter.

These matters are best understood in compassion with its spirit of inclusiveness, humility and self-forgiveness.
The attached diagram illustrates one man’s attempt to provide us with the skills to transcend the deceits and cravings of the ego.
In the picture, the voice of compassion speaks words given meaning by their inclusion of the Principles of physics. They communicate meaning that generates and reflects harmony in the lifestyle of the user.
The voice of the ego speaks words lacking such meaning because of their exclusion of this wisdom of the universe. They communicate meaning that generates and reflects disharmony in the lifestyle of the user. They conflate change with no change, up with down, user and used, energy with form of energy… In other words, the words make nonsense in terms of the physics of harmony (Civics and survival) and mean blah blah blah…dada…baa baa and all that is energy gobbledy-gook.

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference will soon be held in Glasgow on the British Isles. This is the 26th attempt to develop a global language expressing and enabling Mankind’s care for Earth’s atmosphere. All 25 previous conferences can be deemed failures in that they propagated the language of the ego and now Mankind is in grave peril from Human Ego-driven Climate Change. Perhaps this time the wisdom of Confucius will be acted on, compassion can prevail and members will speak with the true language of care.


Voice of compassion
No man (human being) knows what energy is despite our intimacy with its vitality.
Energy is the universal potential, all of which is active.
The Conservation of Energy Principle is great, enduring wisdom.
Energy is renewed, is sustained, is conserved, is resource, is bounteous, is a constant.
Energy is manifest in myriad, finite forms; no form is energy.
Information is physical: our actions~language are material.
A man (human being) can conserve, sustain, save vital sources and forms of energy.
There is a world of difference between an economy (an act or system of stewardship, frugality) and a dis-economy (an act or system of planned obsolescence, waste, pollution).

All things, all forms are a balance of continuous warming and cooling. Without this balance, the form is transformed i.e. ceases to exist.
Global warming and cooling is life enabling whereas global warming up/cooling down is life threatening.
Climate change is the universal order whereas Human-induced (ego-driven) Climate Change is perilous.
Combustion equation: useful form of energy = fuel + air
Carbon is a common universal element, an vital building block of life. We abuse carbon flows and balances at our peril.
Without the inclusiveness of compassion, the exclusivity of the ego destroys us.

Voice of the ego
I know and say what energy is…gobble.. energy sector…dygook…
Energy = Fossil Fuels = Power = Electricity gobbledygook galore and there is more… gobble…renewable energy…dy-…sustainable energy…gook 100% Clean…gook Green…gook Energy…
So humans can… gobble…conserve energy..dy-…sustain energy…gook… make renewable energy…gook gook …make non-renewable energy…
Gobble… energy efficiency is…gobble… about using less energy… dy-gook…to avoid energy crises…gook…power failure… black out…
Gobble…Energy sector…dy-…Minister/Secretary of Energy and Resources…gook renewable resources …gook gook… non-renewable resources…
I live on Greenhouse Earth…blahdy-blah ..too much greenhouse gases ..must fix it.. blahaha… the problem is climate change… blahdy-blah… temperature rising…blahdy-…gotta stop global warming…blah blah …carbon is the culprit…blahdy-… must put a price on carbon… blah blah… make a carbon trading market…blah…sell carbon credits…buy carbon offsets…blahdy-blah…become carbon neutral…blah..carbon zero… carbon… by 2000…more blah blah…by 2008… blah oh blah…2025…blahdy-gook… 2040…
Just know: I (the ego) know all and am sufficient…blahdy-energy gook blah