Etymology English 500-1500 AD

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Early 13th CArtLook up art at
early 13c., "skill as a result of learning or practice
Assoc: skill
Old English Beon, beom, bion (be)" exist, come to be, become, happen,"Assoc: exist, becoming
LatinLatin carbonem, carbo (Carbon) "a coal, glowing coal; charcoal,"Assoc: combustion
c.1200chaunge (change)c.1200, "act or fact of changing," Assoc: action
Mid 13CCol (coal)"mineral consisting of fossilized carbon" Assoc: mineral
Old Englishcolian (cool) "to lose warmthAssoc: loss of heat, outflow of thermal energy
Latin > Old French 9Cconservare > conserver (conserve) "to keep, preserve, keep intact, guard," from com-, intensive prefix (see com-), + servare "keep watch, maintain"Assoc: caring
Late Old English(down) shortened form of Old English ofdune "downwards," from dune "from the hilAssoc: change of status, lowering, decreasing
Latin oeconomia (economy) "household management, thrift,"Assoc: personal stewardship, care
Latinelectrum >
"resembling amber" -when rubbed the substance attracts other substances.Assoc: invisible force, movement
Latinenergia (energy) "activity, action, operation," Assoc: activity
Late 14c.environ (environment) (implied in environing), "to surround, encircle, encompass," Assoc: containment, enclosure, exclusion
Early 13C Old Frenchforme (form) "physical form, appearance, pleasing looks; shape, image,"Assoc: shape or appearance of something
Latingenerare (generate)"to beget, produce"Assoc: creation
Latin potentia >potentialis
"power, might, force;Assoc: great power, force
Old Frenchpovoir> pouair, (power)"to be able," > c.1300, "ability; ability to act or do; strength, vigor, might,"Assoc: capacity to act > personal ability
Latin > Old Frenchresurgere >resourdre > resource"rise again" >"to rally, raise again," > "a source, spring," Assoc: repeatable action /change > a source
Old Latin > Old French Mid 14Csciens >scientia > science"to separate one thing from another" > "knowledge, a knowing; an expertness" (pre 12C) > "corpus of human knowledge"Assoc: the act of division > systematized body of knowledge
Old French 12C > 14Ctrace"mark, imprint, tracks" > "track made by passage of a person or thing," "vestiges"indication something has been or is present
Latin > Old French 14C >mid 14Ctransformare > transformer (14c.) .transform (mid-14c.) "change in shape, metamorphose," "change the form of" Assoc: change of form, transformation
Proto-Germanic > Old Englishwarmaz > wyrman and wearmian "make warm" and "become warm;"Assoc: to maintain the heat of something
Proto-Germanic > Old English"upp- up" > "up, uppe,"up from below"Assoc: rising