Te Reo Maori Ataahua


Dear GUD 1 The Beginning
Dear GUD 2 Fun with Paradox
Dear GUD 3 Consciousness
Dear GUD 4 Trickster Ego
Dear GUD 5 Actual Reality
Dear GUD 6 Compassion
Dear GUD 7 Environment Trap
Dear GUD 8 Hope and Energy
Dear GUD 9 Way to OK Way


CARTOON History of Greenhouse Religion (colour)
CARTOON History of Power (colour)


Wisdom of the Conservation of Energy Principle
Energy is change
Energy is bounteous
Energy is countless forms
There are myriad perspectives of a form of energy
We have many choices of our use of energy
We can make clean or dirty uses of energy
Warming = Cooling = No temperature change

2013 –
Energy?! (A cartoon exploration the relationship between information and energy.)
Chapter One: Introducing The Ego and Energy
Chapter  Two – The Ego and Energy
Chapter Three -The Ego and Forms of Energy
Chapter Four -The Ego and Potential Energy
Chapter Five – The Ego and Global Warming
Chapter Six -The Ego and Greenhouse World
Chapter Seven – The Ego and Power
Chapter Eight -The Ego and Energy Efficiency

2002-2005 A cartoon exploration of the nature of energy and “energy efficiency”.