Great Solar-Electrical Era

Introducing The Great Solar-Electrical Era


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Scientists 3D Print New Solar Panels Which Work Best When Cloudy

The current grand confluence of technological innovation means it is impossible to describe with accuracy the control console of a dwelling’s 230 volt grid in this era. All we can know is that the essential technology of this sustainable culture is enabled by the existence of a high level of civics – a considerable state of science exists in New Zealand with concomitant high levels of democracy.
Note: the current dystopia of New Zealand means such an enlightened era cannot exist in this country without major cultural and legislative reform.

This potent confluence of technology includes:
-all dwellings designed to maximize their solar-electrical-thermal potential;
-sophisticated algorithms of weather, behaviour and technology interplay;
-powerful microcomputers;
-enhanced frequency modulation of dwelling circuits;
-cell phones and UHF radio waves e.g. Bluetooth;
-electrical current monitoring and switching devices imbedded into appliances, dwelling circuits and generating devices e.g. photovoltaic systems, solar hot water heating etc;
-free apps via open source programmers;
-data encryption devices
-interactive display screens and audio devices.

In brief, this grand confluence suggests the control console of a dwelling’s 230 volt grid in the Great Solar-Electrical era is tending to be indistinguishable from an “intelligent” Android tablet i.e. it is a mobile display and command screen governed by civic imperatives and design.

Important note: Civics and democracy are vital requisites of intelligent systems. Thus a smart console is not necessarily an intelligent console. If, for instance, the citizen has no say in how he or she can use their local grid, then the system is dumb regardless of the sophistication of the technology.


The range of information is vast, as alluded to in the 1990-2015 era. However the quality of the information in the Solar-Electrical Era is profoundly different from the information of our contemporary dystopic situation. The information of a dwelling in the Solar-Electrical Era is owned by the inhabitants and it is shaped by civic values. Information is framed to provide the basics of provide lighting, heating, communication and transportation for all citizens in ways that are democratic and sustainable long-term on a global basis. Information is no longer framed to provide short-term profits for an oligarchy regardless of the negative social and ecological consequences.


south is PBs_edited-1
Each region has its unique potential and contribution to make to a sustainable humankind.
north is PBs 1_edited-1
The 1920 -1990 democratic, freehold community structures
All citizens retain the right to vote every three years how their local grid is used.

It is back to the future. In particular it is back to the era prior to the 1990s –see the state of civics prevailing 1920-1990. This is because each locality of New Zealand has a unique potential. This generation capacity is best understood and conserved by its local community. This stewardship is reflected in the sustainable design and use of the local grid network. All dwellings in the community are understood to be integral elements of the local electrical grid democratic ownership of the dwelling. Thus the control console of a dwelling’s 230 volt grid is the property of the citizen and it is used to maximize the sustainable use of our electrical and other potentials for the benefit of all. This vital interface of the private and public information system is protected according to the UN recommendations dated 22 May 2015.

In the present report, submitted in accordance with Human Rights Council resolution 25/2, the Special Rapporteur addresses the use of encryption and anonymity in digital communications. Drawing from research on international and national norms and jurisprudence, and the input of States and civil society, the report concludes that encryption and anonymity enable individuals to exercise their rights to freedom of opinion and expression in the digital age and, as such, deserve strong protection.
electrical universe
Illustration of our solar-electrical world (Source NASA)

It is also back to the future in terms of the English language, the dominant means of verbal discourse in New Zealand. In particular it back to the English language used prior to the Combustion Revolution aka The Industrial Revolution. The English language in the Solar-Electrical era embraces the principles of physics so energy is associated with the universal potential, power with the rate it is manifest, electricity with all manner of electrical phenomena and fossilized biomass with rare, valuable finite forms.

Common perception of  Control Console  of Dwelling 230v Grid

interactive table top chai The control console might be the interactive surface of the kitchen bench or the coffee table

Citizens perceive the 230v Control Console to be a seamless part of their lives with the dwelling grid being integral to both their local community grid and the Internet.

Already in 2015 most telecommunications, including those involving our market interactions, involve use of the Internet. However, unlike in 2015, citizens in the Solar-Electrical era feel secure and sustained by the 230v Control Console because they are protected by ownership rights and encryption of information. Also their ability to make wise use of their local solar-electrical potential enables enhanced Civil Protection during times of extreme weather, tectonic, solar or similar destructive event. This is because the dwelling is designed to be more self-sustaining and less dependent on centralized grid systems.

Health /ecology

A more civil society founded in the provision of basic needs for all people enables more true economy and a vital reduction in the vast diseconomy that prevails in 2015. This is reflected in healthier, wealthier and more secure citizens. Global pollution is reduced and the vital art of conserving true resources prevails.

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