Wondrous Solar


This website is an endeavour of love.  It is created so that our children may enjoy lives of true hope. This section celebrating our Solar Beings is dedicated in particular to the memory of all those who died and suffered in the wars for minerals.


solar roof
My home. It is one of the few dwellings with a photovoltaic array among the thousands of homes that surround me. Many of are built against the sun.


This roof is dedicated to compassion, for it this state of being that enables us to live in harmony with all the flows and balances of the universe that sustain human kind.
Building the roof to face the sun and to flow with the prevailing winds is an act of compassion. As a consequence all those that dwell here are opened to far greater potential and harmony with all.

The solar array is dedicated to the state of science arising from compassion, for it is this state of being that enables us to develop all manner of sustaining arts (skills) including wise language and civics.


Each panel is dedicated either to a requisite for the state of science to exist or to the vital products of this state of being.

Panel one: The spirit of inquiry, wonder and forgiveness.
(In this state we are humble in our uncertainty and welcome perceived errors as wonderful learning opportunities.)

Panel two: The spirit of inclusiveness
(Questions are asked of the universal potential in in most fearless, open way and the widest range of options are considered.)

Panel three: The spirit of openness and sharing.
(Ideas are freely exchanged as gifts so they may be reviewed from myriad perspectives. Notions of copyright do not exist. )

Panel four: The spirit of honesty and trust.
(The pursuit of the truth is its own reward and trust prevails that others are truthful in their sharing.)

Panel five: Generosity of time and reflection.
(Time is given freely to listening to the wisdom that resides deep within all of us and to reflecting on one’s actions and ways.)

We are all born into a considerable state of compassion from which the state of science arises.
Without any of these requisites the state of science ceases to exist. Non-science  and misery prevail.
When all these requisites prevail in us we are able to develop the most truly sustaining arts (skills). These include at arts of sustainable language and civics.

Panel six: True sustaining arts (skills).
(We are all born artists to some degree. When all the above requisites prevail then the true learning process can occur.)

Panel seven: True sustaining use of symbols (language).
(When the state of science prevails we better able to embrace the great principles of physics and transcend both the deceits of the ego and paradox of communication, which is that our use of a symbol simultaneously reflects and generates our state of being,

Panel eight: Civics.
(When the state of science prevails we can better  develop the fine art of living  with true economy and care,)

When we nurture these requisites our children inherit a world in which people enjoy the bounty of our solar, electrical, carbon and other potentials.

Here is what a compassionate curriculum might look like.

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