Energy Chapter one

(A cartoon exploration -Chapter One)

Energy is a paradox. No one knows what it is and yet it is incredibly intimate. It enables every element of our being, from the elementary particles of our atoms to the farthest reaches of our universe(s). It is a wonderful and vital mystery. However we can learn from history that peoples that adopted flawed notions of energy tended to suffer excess misery and their civic structures collapsed.

The survival of human kind provides good reason to explore the nature of energy. An even greater reason is that the journey of exploration may well open us to amazing and wonderful experiences of existence.

We face major challenges along the way, perhaps none as extraordinary as those created by the ego that resides in each of us. This element of our psyche plays a pivotal role in determining our perceptions and is characterised by both an abhorrence of notions of mortality and an incredible, ingenious capacity for self-deceit. It is well capable of generating vast, sophisticated rationales of denial of change/stewardship and can easily make us our own worst enemy. Smile.
Chapter One explores this hilarious and tragic possibility. Enjoy.

Chapter One:
Introducing The Ego and Energy