Babble-Wise Video Series

Series Introduction

A great transmutation of the English language began about 350 years ago that enabled the global Combustion Revolution (also unhelpfully known as the Industrial Revolution). It reflected and generated a dramatic change in consciousness in Western Europe.

This change was most manifest in a small group of merchant traders based on the banks of the River Thames in England.
In brief, the change in consciousness enabled this small group to create the Anglo-American Empire – the most extensive, destructive empire in history.
It is now becoming clear that Modern English has generated an Anthropocene that puts humankind at peril.

The Babble-Wise video series is created to remind us in sustainable English so we can enjoy greater wisdom and compassion in our lives. Each short video is founded in insights of the Sustainability Principle of Energy and supplements the Wise Word Use Guide.



No 1 Babblewise: Power is the Measure

Featuring babble about “power” – the conflation and confusion of the measure with the measured.
The video takes a Radio NZ National Panel discussion with Jim Mora about electrical meters and attempts to make wisdom of nz jim morapower measure radio nz 3d


No 2 Babblewise: Renewable Energy

Featuring babble about “alternative energy”, “renewable energy” and “energy” in general.
The video takes a Radio Ecoshock interview with David Fridley of Berkeley National Lab (home of 12 Nobel Prize winners) and attempts to make wisdom of it.

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